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Occupational Health Infrastructure
Occupational health research is engaged in the process of all kinds of occupational health problems of human labor, aiming to protect the health of workers from hazard factors during the process of occupational activity. This covers the influence of working environment to workers’ health and countermeasures to prevent occupational hazards. Occupational health actually refers to the prevention of those damages and diseases caused by the various occupational hazard factors, subordinating to the scope of preventive medicine.
Occupational hazard factors can be classified into 10 categories:
2.Radioactive Substance
3.Chemical Substances
4.Physical Factor
5.Biological Factor
6.Hazard Factor led to Occupational Dermatosis
7.Hazard Factor led to Occupational Eye Disease
8.Hazard Factor led to Occupational ENT & Oral Disease
9.Hazard Factor led to Occupational Tumour
10.Other Occupational Hazard Factors
Occupational health infrastructure protects and facilitate employee health mainly through offering occupational health services for employees and providing consultations to employers to improve working conditions and environment, aiming to maintain employee health from all aspects as a whole. Occupation health services include:
1.Working environment monitoring 
2.Operator health surveillance
3.Follow up observation on high risk and susceptible population
4.Collect, publish, report and disseminate related information for judging and assessing occupational hazard
5.Allocation of first-aid equipment at workplace and establishing of emergency rescue group
6.Health and safety measurements
7.Estimate and evaluate labor and economic losses caused by occupational disease and injury to provide basis for allocation of labor resource
8.Compile budget for occupational
9.Health and safety and provide to related management department
10.Health education and health promotion
11.Other primary health care services related to operator health
Establishment and amendment of occupational health standard, qualification certification and management of occupational health quality assurance system, occupational health management system and inspection & service institutions.