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Value added service
Safety Consultancy
Safety Consultancy is a new type of safety production standardization products arising in recent years with the "legal adviser" concept for reference. It aims at solving the problems of small and medium sized enterprises such as week base for safety production, imperfect safety management organizations and institutions, outdated technology and low automation control level, etc..
The value of production safety Consultancy service lies in the two aspects: firstly, to further improve the general management level of enterprises. Production safety Consultant provides enterprises with full range of security technology consulting services, which not only can improve the safety awareness of staff, but also can help enterprises to cultivate safety management personnel and better solve the problems of “no one to, don’t know how to and not able to well” manage production safety. Secondly, to solve the shortage of HR and technology of governmental supervision.
UI will choose and assign production safety consultant who matches the industry and specialty according to industry categories and security management status of the enterprise, to provide related professional service. At the same time, we will strictly control the process and flow of service, establish performance evaluation mechanism, manage the files and master and improve our professional services.