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Emergency Plan
Emergency Plan refers to emergency management, command, rescue plans when facing emergencies such as natural disasters, serious accidents, environmental hazard and man-made destruction etc.. It generally should be based on comprehensive disaster prevention planning. It has several major important subsystems: sophisticated emergency organizational management command system and powerful emergency engineering rescue security system; comprehensive coordinating & flexible responding mutual support system; fully prepared supply system for disaster rescue guarantee ; emergency team for comprehensive recue.
Comprehensive Emergency Plan
Emergency Plan for Special Project
On-site Disposal Concept
Drill of Training
1.Principle and scope of training for contingency plan
The guiding principles for training and drill of contingency plan should be as enhancing basic tasks, stressing key points, working while exercising, improving progressively
The scope of contingency training should include:
(1)Training for competent department of government.
(2)Training for community members.
(3)Training for entire personnel of enterprise.
(4)Training for specialized emergency recue group.
2.Basic content of training
Basic contingency training should cover following aspects:
(1)Sounding of alarm.
(3)Fire emergency training.
(4)Training for individuals of different emergency level.
Generally, individuals for emergency are classified into 5 levels in specific training process, i.e. primary level consciousness, primary operational level, dangerous substance professional level, dangerous substance expert level, accident commander level.
3.Types of exercise and drill
Based on the drill scale, it can be categorized as desktop drill, functional drill and comprehensive drill. And depending on the difference of basic content of drill, it can be categorized as grounding training, professional training, tactical training and optional subject training.