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Safety Culture
Safety culture is the generic term of safety concept, safety awareness together with the various behaviors under their guidance. It mainly covers safety concept, safety behavior, system safety, process safety etc.. Safety culture is mainly suitable for high technology, high risk operational enterprises, and its importance could be seen prominently in energy, electric power, chemical engineering industries etc. All accidents can be prevented; all operating hidden danger can be controlled. The core of safety culture is of people-oriented, which will require implementation of safety responsibility to the specific works of the entire staff of enterprise, through cultivating the staff common view of security value recognition and safety behavior norms, to create internal self restriction, self management and team management safety culture atmosphere in the enterprise interior, thus to achieve the ultimate realization of continuous improvement of safety performance, the establishment of long-term mechanism goal of safe production.
Evaluation Criteria
Domestic safety standard Assessment Criteria for Establishment of Enterprise’s Safety Culture (“AQ/T9005-2008”)classifies the safety culture establishment into 6 stages:
(1) Instinctive reaction
(2) Passive management
(3) Active management
(4) Employee participation
(5) Mutual Help of Teamwork
(6) Continuous improvement