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National Registered Auditor Training
Introduction of the Training
Beijing United Intelligence Certification Co., Ltd. (UICC) has more than 10 years’ educational training experience. It is a professional training institution approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China ( ref: CNCA-P-2002-087 ) and confirmed by China Certification and Accreditation Association ( ref: CCAA016 ). It is one of the earliest institutions carrying out national registered auditor trainings related to certification of quality management system, environment management system, occupational health & safety management. UICC has held nearly one thousand sessions for various kinds of national registered auditors as well as auditor continuing education with almost 10 thousand trainees have been trained, continuously cultivating excellent professional talents of certification standardization area for all industries and all kinds of enterprises & entities.
Approval letter for training body           Confirmation letter
Training Content
National Registered Auditor Training on Quality Management System (40 hours)
National Registered Auditor Training on Environment Management System (40 hours/24 hours)
National Registered Auditor Training on Occupational Health & Safety Management System (40 hours) 
After completion of training and qualified through comprehensive appraisal, trainee can obtain national registered auditor training certificate of quality, environment, occupational health & safety management system. This can be regards as one of the enrollment conditions for participation of the unified examination organized by CCAA and get registered after being qualified from the examination.
Sample Certificate of Training
Training Teacher
Training will be conducted by authoritative senior teachers of the Center confirmed by CCAA. All teachers are quite familiar with the exam patterns, answering techniques and skills of the national registered auditor examination, with rich experiences of teaching and auditing practices. With the combination of theory with real practice, the training will be much better.
Value Added Service
All national registered auditor training certificates issued by our organization after training can be traced online for certificate inquiry at
We offer “Buy one get one free” training service for trainees. Each trainee will be presented with one video learning course from UICC education website.
Based on trainee demands, UICC has developed series of online training courses for prior-exam tutoring of national registered auditor examination, including online exam, online test etc. many options for trainee’s choice to help with preparation for the examination.
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