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Training for Excellent Performance Management
Introduction of the Training
The purpose of BUICC’s training for excellent performance GB/T19580-2012 is to provide all enterprises an effective method and implementation access to the setting-up of an excellent performance mode, thus, to help and guide enterprise’s successful lead-in of excellent performance mode, study the key issues of establishing & implementing of excellent performance, so as to raise in-depth awareness of enterprise administrators and help them solve problems, ultimately, to lead truthful scientific development of enterprises with setting-up of a platform of excellent performance management as well as continuous success achieving.
To meet more demands at enterprises, UICC has face to face training course throughout the year and can provide internal training customized based on enterprise’s requirement.
Content of the Training
1.Background of generating excellent performance
2.Introduction to quality prize
3.Implementation value of excellent performance mode
4.General process of excellent performance lead-in
5.Basic idea and frame of excellent performance evaluation criteria
6.Main clauses and score distribution of standard GB/T19580-2012 
7.Disseminating & discussing of excellent performance standard
8.Evaluation system & methods of marking for excellent performance, and how to carry forward effectively
9.Implementation method for self-evaluation by enterprise and how to compile self-evaluation report etc.
10.Case analysis and Q&A for difficult issues, exchange discussions and interactions.
Textbook for the Training
Certificate of the Training 
Certificate of excellent performance training can be obtained after qualified for the training and related information can be traced from UICC education website.
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